Shoji Tanaka

田中 昭二


Born in Tokyo in 1957. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Photography.
Joined a publishing company where he edited magazines and books, and engaged in the production and supervision of videos.
After leaving the company, he made his movie director debut with a few pink films including the theatrical releases “Spanking Love,” “Ignacio” and “エロス+廃墟.” Developed scenic theories based on the images of ruins, filming and editing his own unique DVD works such as, “Vision of Ruin,” “Remains of War,” “Underground,” “石棺と再生/Chernobyl” and “忘却と記憶/Auschwitz.”
In recent years, he turned back to his original photographs and in 2015 held an exhibition entitled “Lost” where he created new landscapes by layering images of derelict buildings and worn stones.
In 2017, he exhibited a new work at the Ginza Sony Imaging Gallery entitled “Water Shadow,” using monochrome tones to express the texture of moments both fleeting and eternal.