Fumihiko KATO Ph.D.

加藤 文彦


2014年 個展『石の叫び―北方ロマネスク/ゴシック写真展』(大阪梅田・茶屋町画廊)、個展『石の歓び―残り映え』(京都河原町通・ギャラリー古都)
2015年 個展『石のデザイン―形と色の交響』(東京新宿御苑前・アイデムフォトギャラリー「シリウス」)
2016年 個展『石の歓びII―ロマネスクもゴシックも』(名古屋・HCLフォトギャラリー名古屋)、個展『石の歓び―千年の時をこえて―』(京都・フォトギャラリーアルティザン・ジャパネスク)
2017年 個展 Gifts of May(京都・京都写真美術館)、個展 Stand By Me (京都・ギャリエヤマシタ)

【著書】フォトブック『石のデザイン』(2015年)、Gifts of May (2017年)、『相互テクスト性の諸相』(国書刊行会、2000年)他
Born in Kobe in 1947, Dr. Kato was educated/trained in economics, theology and English in Japan, USA, and UK, and read English, Film Studies and Western Art History at a university in Kyoto until March 2012, when he left the academic world to devote his time to photography which has led him to Italy, France, England and Scotland since 1986, taking pictures of Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
Professor Emeritus of Kyoto Women’s University and member of The Royal Photographic Society, he has mounted solo-exhibitions as follows:
Scream of Stone―A Photo-Exhibition of Northern Romanesque +Gothic (Osaka, June 2014)
The Pleasure of Stone―Afterglow― (Kyoto, November 2014)
Design of Stone―The Symphony of Form and Color― (Tokyo, May 2015)
The Pleasure of Stone II―Romanesque together with Gothic― (Nagoya, Sept.-Oct. 2016)
The Pleasure of Stone ―Across the Distance of a Millennium (Kyoto, Oct-Nov. 2016)
Gifts of May (Kyoto, May 2017); Stand by Me (Kyoto, August 2017).

His publications include Gifts of May (2017), Design of Stone: A Photobook (2015), and Aspects of Intertextuality: “Always Already” in Pater, Wilde, Yeats and Eliot (2000).