Etsuro Takihara

滝原 逸郎

社団法人日本写真協会(PSJ) 会員

2006年 富士フォトサロン/東京にて個展「大池」開催
2016年 EIZO ガレリア銀座にて個展「インスパイア」開催
2017年 アイデムフォトギャラリー「シリウス」にて個展「絵画主義 筑波山」開催

2013年 電通 キヤノン年始企業広告「光は、言葉だ。編」
第43回フジサンケイグループ広告大賞メディア部門 新聞優秀賞受賞
He studied under photographer Yukio Tanabe and began work as a freelancer in 2006. He provides advertising agents and the like with landscape photographs with his theme currently centering on Mt. Tsukuba.
He is also a member of The Photographic Society of Japan (PSJ).

Solo Exhibitions
2006 Entitled “Oike” and held at FUJIFILM PHOTO SALON TOKYO
2007 Entitled “Mt. Tsukuba” and held every year since 2007 in the City of Tsukuba
2016 Entitled “INSPIRE” and held at the EIZO Galleria Ginza
2017 Entitled “Pictorialism Mt. Tsukuba” and held at AiDEM PHOTO GALLERY sirius

In 2013, contributed to the Dentsu Canon New Year’s Business Advertisement “Light is a word” edition.
Received Newspaper Excellence Award at the 43rd FUJISANKEI PRIZES FOR ADVERTISING, Media Division.